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TSID Certification

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If you are RID-certified, we must have your RID member number and your last name as it appears in RID's database to upload your activity to your RID transcript. Please verify that information on this report. If you need to make any changes, send an email to support@tsid.org. You can check your RID Transcript at this link https://myaccount.rid.org/.

If you are BEI-certified, you must self-report your activity to DARS. You can do that through the DARS portal at this link: https://bei.hhsc.state.tx.us/g/081f4d4fd92b43ef989509c90f6d3787/Account/LogOn or you can retain your paperwork until the end of your maintenance cycle and mail it to DARS. TSID is not permitted to make any updates to your CEU record with DARS.

If there are errors or omissions on this report or if you have general questions about Conference CEUs, please send an email to support@tsid.org.